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What To Expect

An initial consultation will help us decide a suitable place such as your home or holiday cottage, date and arrival time. A few questions will allow me to prepare for the day and find out what you are hoping to get out of your treatment. 

This is your time to relax, so please don't worry about a thing...

The Atmosphere

I will provide a sturdy, comfortable bed with a breathe hole, soft clean towels, oils, creams, lotions and potions and music. All I ask for is a space large enough to set up my massage bed, use of a small table and somewhere to plug in my kettle if you are having a facial. I will start with a consultation to ensure you get the most from your treatment.

The Massage

For a massage it is likely you will start face down. You are covered with a towel and blanket at all times with only the area to be worked on uncovered. During the facial you will be lying on your back. I provide a small memory foam cushion, but if you feel you need extra support you are welcome to use one of your own.I will ask you to remove your top to prevent any product on your clothes but that is completely up to you. Towels will ensure your modesty at all times and a blanket is provided to keep you snug.

After Treatment

After your treatment you will be feeling very relaxed and maybe a little sleepy so I suggest you leave plenty of time to come to, and drink plenty of water. Please allow at least an extra 30 mins for your booking to do a consultation and allow me to set up and clear away afterwards.

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