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Whether you are looking to relax and indulge or are in need of a deep tissue massage for pain relief, I can create a massage experience tailored to you. I use beautiful aromatherapy oils from Avena in all my massages, the gorgeous aroma of lavender and rosemary is everyone's favourite.I always have a plain oil if it is preferred. 

Shoulder Massage

Your massage tailored to your needs

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes - £30

45 minutes - £40

60 minutes - £50

For aches and pains in the shoulders or lower back needing a deeper pressure a minimum of 45 minutes is recommended, if the whole back is suffering I will likely need an hour. 

Full Body Massage

60 minutes - £50
75 minutes - £60
90 minutes - £70

Feel your muscles melt... back, legs, feet, arms, hands, décolletage and scalp are massaged to deeply relax you as you drift off... Please choose 90 minutes if you have some aches and pains!

Back of Body Massage

45 minutes - £40
60 minutes - £50
75 minutes - £60
90 minutes - £70

Includes the back, neck and shoulders, the back of the legs and feet. The scalp is optional. Often those aches in the lower back mean tight glutes and ham strings too. This massage covers most of the key muscles prone to tightness.  I will need an hour minimum if it is pain relief you need. if you are just looking to relax, the option is yours.

Walkers Leg and Foot Massage

30 mins - £30
45 mins - £40
60 mins - £50

Perfect for you coast to coast walkers who have been out on the fells all day, the feet and legs are massaged to help relieve those next day aches.

Scalp Massage

30 minutes - £30

A wonderfully relaxing treat to include the scalp, neck, shoulders and down the top of the arms. Hands and arms can be added to... My personal favourite and recommended for those of you suffering from tension head aches.

A few common issues I can help you with include...

Tension Headaches

Muscle Knots



Plantar Fasciitis

Tight Muscles

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